About Us

CM elearning is the online division of Critical Measures, a corporate training and management consulting firm that specializes in cross-cultural healthcare.

Critical Measures uses sophisticated organizational assessments, consulting and training to bring about dynamic organizational change to prestigious national healthcare clients. Our evidence-based approach allows clients to:

  • Increase market share among some of the fastest growing demographic communities in the U.S.
  • Reduce disparities in patient satisfaction and outcomes among communities of color, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender patients and other historically disadvantaged minorities.
  • Improve language access programs for Limited English Proficient (LEP) and Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients in ways that increase patient quality and safety and decrease unwanted legal claims.
  • Effectively communicate with and treat immigrant and refugee patients as well as Americans who travel and contract diseases of foreign origin.
  • Maximize patient revenues by decreasing unnecessary hospital readmissions and improving patient satisfaction among populations who tend to be least satisfied with providers’ and health care organizations’ services.
  • Improve provider-patient trust, communication and adherence for all patients.

What Makes Us Different

Our evidence-based approach: Unlike some training firms, Critical Measures uses highly sophisticated assessments to gather critical data and then applies that evidence to drive strategic recommendations for change. Learn More.

Our clinical, legal and cross-cultural expertise: Few diversity and training firms have hands-on clinical expertise. However, Critical Measures partners with nationally and internationally known physicians with expertise in internal medicine, travel and tropical medicine and infectious and parasitic diseases. In addition, our interdisciplinary team provides both legal and cross-cultural expertise. Learn More.

Our CME-accredited elearning programs on cross-cultural medical care. Partnering with physicians from the Harvard Medical School, we created the nation’s first elearning program on cultural competence. We have also created CME accredited elearning programs on “The Law of Language Access – Caring for the Limited English Proficient Patient” and “Viewpoints,” the world’s first elearning program to teach providers the skills they need to practice medicine in a globally mobile world. Learn More.