CM elearning welcomes you to learn more about our leadership in creating online cross-cultural healthcare training for doctors, nurses, clinicians, pharmacists administrators and other healthcare employees. See below for answers to some of the most asked questions about our courses, training and assessment options.

Elearning Courses

How long does it take to complete a course?

The number of credits for an elearning course corresponds to roughly the amount of time it takes to complete a course. For example, “Language Access and the Law” is accredited for 2.25 hours of CME learning. The course is estimated to take 2.25 hours.

What kinds of outcomes have clients had with your elearning programs?

For outcomes information, please see Language Access and the Law.

Can I take the courses in multiple sittings?

Yes. Our online CME courses make it easy for you to complete the modules as you have time.

Can I bookmark my place in the course before exiting?


Can I take the courses on my Mac and tablets (e.g. iPad)?

No. You can register and login using a Mac or tablet, but the main course modules require a Windows-based computer. Future courses will be available on Mac, Windows and Tablets.

Do University of Minnesota CME credits transfer to Nursing and Physician’s Assistant credits?


What are the software requirements for CM elearning courses?

Minimum system requirements are as follows for Viewpoints and Language Access and the Law:


  • High-Speed Internet
  • Browser for Language Access and the Law: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari


  • Browser for Viewpoints: This works best in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari


  • Minimum Resolution: Mobile 1024 x 768; Desktop: 1280 x 720


  • Flash Player Version 9+ (excludes iPhones and iPads, but not iMacs)




  • Maximize your browser window


  • The course can be taken in multiple sittings


  • The average time it takes to complete the course is 2 hours




Can you develop customized e-learning training programs?

Yes. We have worked with several prominent health care organizations to create customized programs. Please contact us to discuss a custom e-learning solution.

Can you develop customized classroom-based training programs?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss a customized live training solution at your facility.


What kinds of results have clients obtained with Critical Measures’ assessments?

For a recent client case study, click here.  For a more detailed discussion of results for particular assessment tools, please contact us.