Critical Measures and CM elearning have developed key partnerships that add value to our own services for the benefit of our healthcare clients. Learn more about our valued partners:


CulturaLink, Inc., is a certified minority and woman-owned business that works with health care organizations to improve the quality and safety of care to culturally and linguistically diverse patients. Critical Measures and CulturaLink frequently work together to serve prestigious national healthcare clients. Learn More.

CulturaLink’s core service offerings relate to language services. CulturaLink works with clients to provide reliable, cost-effective language services, including on-site, phone and video remote interpreting, document translations and web-based scheduling, reporting and management services. CulturaLink offers:

For licensing information about these offerings, please contact Critical Measures.

University of Minnesota Global Health Pathways Program

Today, only 18 medical schools in the entire world teach Global Medicine. The University of Minnesota’s Global Health Pathways Program is one of them. As one of the leading programs in the U.S, the U of M’s program provides educational opportunities for healthcare trainees and practicing providers — all with the goal of improving the care of patients in or from low- and middle-income nations.

Critical Measures maintains a strategic partnership with the University of Minnesota. We collaborated with Dr. Patricia Walker and Dr. William Stauffer, the two co-directors of the U of M’s Global Health Pathways Program to create our new Viewpoints program – the first CME accredited e-learning program in the U.S. to offer instruction on global medicine. The University of Minnesota Continuing Medical Education Program accredits all of our e-learning course offerings.

Comprised of more than 20 faculty who have dedicated their lives to global health, the Medicine Global Health program has grown exponentially since its inception in 1981. Today, it offers:

  • Partner sites and other educational programming on 4 continents
  • Training to 10 new residents every academic year
  • Online education programs with over 300+ hours of provider content
  • An in-person course that has trained more than 200 community healthcare providers

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VitalSims promotes and advances best practices in chronic disease management through the latest technologies in healthcare education. It offers simulation-based learning programs that are highly interactive, cost-effective and based on actual patient cases. Critical Measures and VitalSims have a mutual licensing agreement that allows each organization to re-sell the other’s training programs. Learn More.

In particular, VitalSims offers:

  • SimCare Diabetes: This is the only online simulator proven to enhance skills and competencies in diabetes management leading to improved outcomes. It employs simulations of actual patient/physician interactions to help healthcare providers diagnose and treat type 1 & 2 diabetes more effectively. Learners will actively manage the disease states of virtual patients and engage in realistic treatment based on current best practices. Learn more.
  • SimCare Hypertension: Similar to SimCare Diabetes, SimCare Hypertension simulates real patient/physician interactions and helps users understand best practices for those with high blood pressure.

For licensing information about SimCare Diabetes or Hypertension, please contact Critical Measures. 

GuideVue, Inc.

GuideVue Inc. is a Houston-based corporation that creates cutting-edge applications (apps) for mobile phones and tablets. The GuideVue technology, which was originally created at NASA, can be used to create mobile training courses or mobile health applications. Learn More.

  • Mobile Training Courses: GuideVue technology supports self-paced or off-site training from virtually any location; Internet connectivity is not required. Training materials can be quickly created and updated by subject matter experts because the GuideVue format does not require computer programmers. Users will solve patient cases or workplace diversity issues by listening to audio, viewing embedded videos or photographs and reading textual descriptions of real-world problems. Users’ answers to quiz questions and overall progress can be tracked and monitored by GuideVue’s built-in user tracking capabilities. Government regulations or organizational policies, rules and procedures can be built into the instructional flow to prompt and test for adherence and/or compliance in any situation or location. Instructors can provide instantaneous or just-in-time feedback to build or enhance practical job-related skills or clinical behavior.
  • Mobile Health Applications: GuideVue technology can also be used to document the care provided to patients, obtain and record clinical patient data via interviews, videos and images and provide health workers with validated, evidence-based, clinical practice guidelines or decision support instructions. Further, GuideVue allows users to automatically connect with remote physicians, medical experts or specialists without connectivity on Android or iOS devices. As a result, GuideVue apps can be used to provide point of care decisions or treatment or just-in-time patient education or to support the thoroughness of informed consent procedures.

To license the GuideVue technology at your organization or to use it to create mobile training applications, contact Critical Measures.