There are two key reasons to conduct a diversity workforce assessment. The first is to identify often-neglected organizational diversity issues, which can affect organizational culture and morale, recruitment, hiring and retention, performance and productivity, employment law liability and a host of other issues. Second, the information collected can be used as a diagnostic tool to customize organization-wide diversity training so that subsequent training efforts address specific client issues and concerns.

Critical Measures workforce diversity assessment focuses on six key issues:

  1. Employee satisfaction
  2. Perceptions of workforce culture and climate
  3. Employee perceptions of care and service to racially, culturally and linguistically diverse patients
  4. Legal and risk management issues related to discrimination and harassment
  5. Diversity issues (race, gender, GLBT, disabilities, age, religion, national origin, language/accent)
  6. Management commitment and responsiveness to diversity issues

We work closely with clients to customize questions to their particular circumstances. Our diversity workforce assessments are typically conducted electronically. Most surveys can be completed by busy users in 6-10 minutes.

Upon completion, Critical Measures analyzes the survey data by race, gender, age, length of service, location, occupation and other critical diversity factors such as national origin, language, religion and sexual orientation. If desired, we will also conduct diversity-related focus groups to better understand, from a qualitative perspective, why employees feel the way they do about various diversity-related issues.